About Us

Dr. Sudhanshu Dwivedi is the owner of the website poojankaro.com He is an expert in the field of Nanotechnology & Spintronics. His vast experience lies on nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, spin-electronics, spintronic devices and materials science. He has vast experience in the field of teaching physics.
The idea of stating a venture on booking and performing pooja online culminated through the difficulty of getting specialist pundits to perform result-oriented pooja. He has been practising Krishna sadhna and has been interacting with various types of pundits and priests over a period of times, which runs in decades.

It is expected that this portal will be able to provide a platform for a perfect pooja so that the needs of clients are fulfilled.

Sudhanshu Dwivedi
BSc, MSc
MTech in Nanotechnology
PhD (Nanotechnology/Spintronics)

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